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My practice is an inquiry into recording a visual trace of my physical movement in space. Through intuitive mark making, I am interested in engaging with architectural spaces. These marks become drawings in response to surrounding structures I encounter on a regular basis (such as walls, corners, floors…) I am fascinated with having to navigate within the confinements of these types of structures daily. I seek to map my immediate reactionary movement in these areas. Working with graphite, paint and chalk, I work on a variety of surfaces, which include paper and wood panels, in addition to marking directly on the architectural surfaces of the selected space.


I often question how much of our everyday movements are actually guided by the structures we encounter. The scale of a room dictates the gesture of my physical body, which leads to the mark making. My works immerge from the relationship between human body and architectural body. The finality is a capture of time within a composition that, in many ways, was already predetermined

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